Pro.Med Prague

Interiéry společnosti Pro.Med, příklad pro dokonalé uplatnění designové osvětlení v administrativních prostorách

designové osvětlení

The investment in a new administrative headquarters is very expensive and high-quality design lighting often falls victim to savings in the final part of the project. An example where the investor did not succumb to the lure of quick savings and had the administrative lighting realized by the architect is the Pro.Med space in the Delta building of the BB centrum administrative complex in Prague in Pankrác.

The result is an attractive and representative space in which every visitor feels comfortable. The lighting project was developed by Lumidée. The large Liquid Line and Ringo Star circular luminaires with direct / indirect radiation filled the large wiped areas. The lighting of small meeting rooms is provided by extravagant Amorphicon luminaires, combinations of Oh! Smash luminaires or Mr. pendant luminaires. Magoo. Other areas were lit by standard luminaires from quality European manufacturers.

The administrative building, marked DELTA, is located in the southeastern part of BB Centrum, in a locality bordered by Vyskočilova and Václava Sedláčka streets. It consists of two objects, both in the shape of the letter H, which are interconnected by a partner. The author of the DELTA design is, as in the case of other buildings forming BB Centrum, the Aulík Fišer architects studio.

Telčská 377/1, 140 00 Praha 4-Michle, Česko
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