Parkovací dům Jana Gayera, Hradec Králové

The newly built parking house is located in the area of the Gayer and Vrbenské barracks in the Hradec Králové Municipal Monument Zone, between Šimková, Československé armády, Opletalová and Divišová streets (see map). It replaced urban and architecturally unsuitable commercial and technical buildings. The built house will reduce the deficit of parking spaces in the city center and in the future will make it possible to free up the existing urban and functionally unsuitable parking spaces in the middle of the area for public multifunctional space.

The architectural solution of the parking house, developed by the studio architects hop & partners, is based on the purpose of the building with an emphasis on sensitive integration into the historic area. In the design, we tried for maximum transparency allowing for views of the object. The two-mass building, connected by communication necks, closes the space of the future square in Gayer’s barracks. The higher entrance area with four floors optically connects to the historic barracks buildings and complements the northern street line of Šimkova Street. In response to a significant archaeological find of the foundation masonry No. XXXIII, we modified the design of the parking house in the future to enable its re-discovery and access to the unique fortress architecture.

Parkovací dům Jana Gayera, Hradec Králové, Česko