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osvětlení kanceláří

DT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of switch constructions. Long-term success in the company’s market is ensured by specialization in research and development. The lighting project for the new office building was entrusted to Lumidée. With regard to the international dimension of the company DT was aware of the useful properties must be paid to the representation of specific lighting. For this reason, office lighting also required careful selection of luminaires.

The lighting project thus focused not only on providing ordinary lighting, but also on lighting that can underline the design elements of the space and, together with the interior, create a distinctive atmosphere. The aim of the lighting was to underline the importance of the company in a decent and legible way, in cooperation with the interior. The fulfillment of this goal is especially evident in probably the most distinctive interior element called Waterfall, where the light from the Erco Lightgap luminaire plays a crucial role, but the luminaire itself remains in the background and lets the plastic stand out. Erco’s specialized luminaires used to illuminate green living walls are similarly unobtrusive. The Martini Wipp spotlights, which illuminate the company’s promotional images and underline the overall atmosphere of the space, are just as decent. The lighting function is also performed by recessed luminaires with an adjustable Planlicht Shoplight reflector.

On the contrary, a significant addition to the interior is the Moon design luminaire, which is located in the meeting room and, with its original shape, immediately attracts attention.

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