CPS Přerov

Hasičský záchranný sbor Přerov

The new central station in Přerov is situated on the southern edge of the Statutory City of Přerov, in which approximately 43,000 people live. resident. In 2016, preparations began for the construction of a new station, as the original building on Šířava Street in the city center has not been suitable for the needs of the fire protection unit, garage of the necessary equipment and location of fire protection equipment for a long time.

The actual construction of the new station was carried out in the period 11/2018 to 07/2020 and in August 2020 operation began in a completely new building on K Moštěnici Street (opposite the ČSAD complex), which already fully meets the service requirements of the fire protection unit central station of category C2, meets the requirements for ensuring the performance of state administration in the field of fire protection and at the same time provides support for SDH Units of Municipalities in the extinguishing district of the Přerov station.

The whole area consists of the main three-storey building (in which the facilities of members of the unit, garages of mobile fire equipment, washing box, facilities of mechanical, technical, chemical and communication services, warehouses and the whole territorial department of Přerov), as well as a single-storey building of rear garages and The five-storey monolithic reinforced concrete tower for practical training in intervention tactics, including a climbing wall and an outdoor sports ground for physical training, consists of a multifunctional playground with an artificial surface, a running oval with a tartan surface and a training tower for fire sports.

K Moštěnici 43/10, Újezdec, 750 02 Přerov, Česko