Bořislavka centrum

The new dominant of the European class combines contemporary architecture and art. The architectural design is the work of the renowned Prague studio AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITECTS. The rugged building provides above-standard public permeability to 12,200 m2 of private land and creates a number of attractive public spaces which, together with the shopping arcade, become a natural meeting place for the 100,000 inhabitants of the catchment area.

The Bořislavka Centrum building won the Best of Reality competition in the New Administrative Centers category and received a prestigious award as the Environmental Project of the Year. It is the respect for the environment, the surroundings of the new building but also the people who move in the building that is very important for the Bořislavek Center. The building received the LEED preceritization in the Gold category according to the project.

More than 30,125 m2 of leasable Class “A” office space in four office buildings, formed into irregular natural crystals, is set in a continuous lower part of the building with 9,875 m2 of retail space, including restaurants and cafes, which seamlessly transition to patio gardens and parks. at European Street level. Each of the buildings has a separate entrance from Evropská třída, which is followed by a piazzetta with cafes, restaurants, relaxation and water areas and two entrances to the shopping arcade. The breathtaking, publicly accessible atrium between buildings 01 and 02 with a through epiphyte emerging from the water surface presents the philosophy of sustainability and the KKCG Group investor’s approach to environmental responsibility. The Bořislavka Center will become a natural meeting place for locals and employees of many successful Czech and multinational companies based in Prague 6.

The entire building, including the shopping center, was designed to meet LEED certification in the Gold category. Turning the outdoor lights on and off in Bořislavka is governed by the intensity of the light according to the time of day. Artificial lighting in rooms, offices and meeting rooms can detect the presence of people, and has the ability to adjust the intensity of light. As a result, the lights go out automatically after 30 minutes if the sensors do not detect the movement of people in the room.

Evropská 866, 160 00 Praha 6, Česko