veřejné osvětlení centra Bolatic

In 2020, the village underwent a reconstruction of public lighting in the city center.

This ancient Silesian village of Bolatice is located in the southern part of the Hlučín Hills, less than 6 km northeast of the town of Kravař in Silesia, near the border with Poland. The village is surrounded on all sides by heights with altitudes from 271 m to 304 m.

The village of Bolatice is known for its rich year-round cultural activities, striving to preserve folk traditions and diversify the lives of not only its inhabitants. The ball season belongs to the beginning of the year. The space of the local culture house is widely used for this purpose. Other events take place there, such as Welcoming Spring, Welcoming Citizens, Mother’s Day celebrations, HLUKFEST (festival of rock music), Exhibition of gardeners and do-it-yourselfers, Exhibition of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, theater performances, concerts, etc.

Bolatice, Česko