BB Centrum Delta

Osvětlení administrativní budovy BB Centrum Delta

Lumidée’s prestigious projects in recent years undoubtedly include the BB Centrum Delta lighting project.

The BB Centrum complex in Prague is an example of the contemporary architecture of large office buildings. The whole center is located near the street 5. května. This ensures its excellent accessibility and connectivity with other parts of the city. The lighting of the centre’s office building is one of the most prestigious projects that every lighting company is interested in. Lumidée is one of the successful lighting suppliers for this project.

Lumidée participated in the lighting of the newest and at the same time the largest part of the center, the DELTA building. Satba comes from the workshop of the architectural studio Aulík, Fišer architects and was completed in 2015. The DELTA building consists of two separate buildings with a floor plan in the shape of the letter H. The unique advantage of such a floor plan is the ability to connect m2.

Lumidée was tasked with designing the center’s common areas, corridors and garages. For this purpose, high-quality surface-mounted luminaires from the Ridi Venice brand were chosen. Ridi EBRME fluorescent lamps were used for the ceilings. Imperial DLK. Ridi PCAG luminaires with higher coverage were used to illuminate the garages. Viabizzuno 094 lighting systems were used in the representative spaces, supplemented by ceiling spotlights.

The result is an attractive and representative space in which every visitor feels comfortable. The lighting project was developed by Lumidée. The large Liquid Line and Ringo Star circular luminaires with direct / indirect radiation filled the large wiped areas. The lighting of small meeting rooms is provided by extravagant Amorphicon luminaires, combinations of Oh! Smash luminaires or Mr. pendant luminaires. Magoo. Other areas were lit by standard luminaires from quality European manufacturers.

BB Centrum Delta, Vyskočilova, Praha 4, Česko